What is Unitarian Universalism?

In many beliefs, we are one.

Ours is a free faith proposing no specific creed or dogma. Instead, we offer a community of support as you search for your own understanding of truth and meaning. We are guided by ethical principles and inspired by a variety of sources, both religious and secular.

Unitarian Universalists believe individuals have the responsibility to search for and form their own beliefs, and as a result, they may believe different things. What holds UUs together is not common belief, but common experience and a common approach to life.

Unitarian Universalists use our Principles to define our shared values and to inform our decisions and actions. We believe in the Golden Rule, loving our neighbors as ourselves, working for a better world, searching for truth with an open mind, using reason to help us explore religious ideas, and granting everyone the right to choose their own beliefs.

Unitarian Universalists question everything…we look only for truth, not rules. And the truth we find is unique to each of us. We have no ‘must believe’ requirements to belong. We give you freedom to be you…the best you this world needs. In many beliefs…we are one.

We come together to be inspired, comforted and confronted with what it means to live lives of intention and purpose—to seek deeper meaning and connectedness.


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